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Soft Lenses

Bausch and Lomb first introduced soft contact lenses in 1972. Contact lenses today play a significant role in vision care due to their comfort and convenience. With the advances in design and manufacturing, almost any prescription can be fit with soft contact lenses. This includes patients with astigmatism and even prescriptions requiring bifocals. In addition, colored and disposable soft contact lenses provide cosmetic value and convenience. We now have over 100 different types of soft lenses to meet your visual needs and your lifestyle. Contact us at 903-838-9063 to request an appointment for a custom contact lens fitting.

Hard Lenses

Initially, contact lenses were made from hard or rigid plastic materials. In the beginning all hard contact lenses were made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Although this material was very durable, it did not allow oxygen to pass through the lens to your eye. As a result, many complications occurred, and often these lenses were very uncomfortable to wear. We no longer fit PMMA (hard) lenses but we do fit oxygen permeable rigid lenses. These lenses do allow your eye to breathe, are very healthy for your eyes, and vision is typically crystal clear. New advancements in design and manufacturing have made rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses more comfortable. These lenses provide excellent options for people with astigmatism and bifocals in their prescription. In addition, RGP lenses can be worn for extended periods of time and even for overnight wear. They also are very useful in correcting problems due to refractive surgery. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses are typically recommended in cases of significant astigmatism, corneal injury, and corneal diseases, where soft lenses do not provide the best corrected visual outcome.

Disposable Lenses

Disposable soft contact lenses now account for 80% of all soft contact lenses being fit. These contact lenses are extremely comfortable and healthy for your eyes. You replace your contact lenses before protein and lipids in your tears build-up on the lens surface. This provides more oxygen to your eyes without using solutions/chemicals to clean the contact lens. Today, we have lenses that you wear one day and throw away. In addition we have weekly, monthly, and quarterly disposable lenses. Depending on your visual needs and lifestyle, the appropriate design can be found. One-day disposable contact lenses provide the best ocular health and vision possible today. For about a dollar a day, you can have the ultimate in ocular health, vision, and convenience. Weekly-disposable contact lenses are the most common contact lens sold today. Most people wear the lenses during the day and remove for night. The contact lenses are placed in a disinfecting solution over night. After wearing the contact lenses for two weeks the lenses are replaced. Another option is to wear the contact lens continuously for one week, and then replace the lens. This eliminates the need for disinfecting solution and provides clear vision 24 hours a day! Monthly-disposable contact lenses need to be cleaned and disinfected but offer flexibility over traditional yearly-replaced lenses. Usually, you do not have to use weekly enzymes either. These lenses can be worn either on a daily wear or extended wear regimen. Quarterly-replaced lenses are usually cared for the same as traditional yearly soft contact lenses. Some patients have difficulty after about three months of wearing their contact lenses due to deposits and lack of sufficient oxygen. This regimen can solve this problem and provide a new clean lens every quarter of a year.

Color Tinted Lenses

Colored contact lenses can be used to either enhance your natural eye color or even change the eye color altogether. In addition special designs can be placed on the lens for a fun statement! These lenses are available from Alcon. Specialized tints are also used to help patients with disfigured or scarred eyes. With these lenses we can often help your appearance and self esteem. A special tint is also available to help those patients with RED/GREEN color vision difficulties. With the appropriate tint, better color perception can be achieved when wearing the lens.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal contact lenses do exist . They are available in both soft and rigid materials. In addition, there are several different designs available to best meet your visual needs; often we will use a combination of these designs to successfully eliminate glasses. We now have several new options that did not exist just a year ago, so if you do not enjoy glasses, ask again about bifocal contact lenses.

Contact Lense Policy

We offer a guaranteed fit for your contact lens experience. Simply stated, if we cannot achieve a successful, comfortable clear fit for you within sixty(60) days, we will allow a 100% credit of the contact lens service fee towards updating your glasses in our in-office optical.

Contact Lense Fitting

Contact Lenses can be an alternative for most patients because there are types of lenses available for most prescriptions. If you are interested in being fit for contact lenses, there are additional fees that apply, depending on the type of lens and prescription that your doctor recommends for you. Contact us at 903-838-9063 to request an appointment for a custom contact lens fitting.